Pretty much, I just want to say, "I love making things!" I usually don't succeed, and then I am disappointed... but still... I get a certain kind of joy that is difficult to explain when I have made something that I like, it is different than when you buy something you like. The fun is in the process... in making some really not-so-great stuff, and then finally triumphing.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Naming Contest! Winner will recieve this bracelet free!

Since opening an etsy shop and creating more things than I ever have before, naming each creation has become a surprisingly fulfilling part of the "listing" process. It's like naming a puppy- and not just any puppy-the puppy. The one you plan on raising right along with your babies.
Or maybe it's like naming your child- you know that whatever name you give your little darling will in some way shape their destiny. It's important.
That, on a smaller scale of course, is how I feel when I name something I've made.
It is in pondering all these things I've decided to host a naming contest for this darling bracelet. I will allow anyone to post up to three suggested names- just leave them as comments. In one week, I will chose the name from amongst those suggested, and announce the winner! Then, I will ship this darling the very next day to the deserving winner. :) Good luck!
About the bracelet: She is a fabric scrap collage embedded in resin- drilled and stitched to a wristband of red leather and vintage fabric stitched together in red with a zigzag stitch. Eclectic, funky, yet charming and full of feminine wiles. Let her inspire you.


  1. When I looked at it, "Pumpkin Spice" immediately came to my mind. That's all I've got! Cute bracelet!

  2. Britta, I continue to be amazed at your creations, you talented thing you! This one to me is "Classically Sassy" or "Captured Bliss".

  3. Hmmm... how about "Spring Morning," "A Rosy Complexion," or "Strawberry Cream." Oh my gosh, I am so uncreative! If I did not want this bracelet so badly I would erase this comment. How can you do this naming thing over and over?!

  4. Well, I still get one more suggestion, right? None of my suggestions are that great, but I've had fun thinking of what this bracelt looks like to me! My last suggestion is "A piece of enchantment"

  5. Well, I love names with meanings, so here are my suggestions. Anpaytoo-- this is a Native American (Sioux tribe) name that means "Radiant." I also like Achala, an Indian yes, as in from India, name meaning "priceless". I thought that would add an ironic touch. And my last suggestion is an Aboriginal name, Pindari, or Pindara... depending if you want it to be masculine or feminine.. (the second is feminine) meaning "From the high ground." Ok... that is all.

  6. Flying in at the last minute - I know winner is chosen today. If I'm too late, no worries. May the best name win.

    "Misty Water-Colored Memories" - Like the corners of your mind, Scattered pictures,
    of the smiles you've given and received.