Pretty much, I just want to say, "I love making things!" I usually don't succeed, and then I am disappointed... but still... I get a certain kind of joy that is difficult to explain when I have made something that I like, it is different than when you buy something you like. The fun is in the process... in making some really not-so-great stuff, and then finally triumphing.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not for the faint of heart.

Seriously, this project is not for the faint of heart. I got this idea from a link on, which lists ways to reuse plastic bags.
So, from an idea there, I decided to make a little raincoat or windbreaker out of my grocery bags.
To do this, first you need to fuse your bags, (there are a TON of tutorials out there explaining the process ), and then you can use it like any other fabric supposedly-- the process sounds simple enough-- but for some reason, half of the time the bags I was using would just shrivel up, bubble, melt, etc. etc. etc... and I would be doing the same thing every time! SO frustrating! But still, I love the idea, and would especially love it if someone else out there could master the bag-fusing technique and give me some pointers. :)
A HUGE thanks goes out to my mother for all her help with this project. She created the pattern for the coat from a hoody.
The actual bags I used come from three places.... Meijer grocery store, The Art Museum of Columbus ( the neon yellow bag), and The Dispatch (the orange bag our Sunday papers come in).
Also, a huge thanks to our friends who bribed their son to wear this super crinkly coat for some pictures. He wasn't too happy to do it, but I am SOOOO grateful. :)
Honestly, I was surprised at how fabulous the coat turned out.
As for some other details, I tacked in a hoody to make it a little more comfortable, and added some snaps to the exterior.
As always- nothing is a science. I share these things to help give others ideas-- change it how you will. But, if you do have specific questions about this, or any other project, don't hesitate to ask them! I love to share! Thanks all!


  1. This is incredible Britta. Quite the task to take on! It looks great!

  2. What the heck! Where is my comment! Ok let's do this again...

    I was so confused for one moment. I was thinking, "Britta and Mark look so weird! And when did Mel start walking?!" Thanks for clearing all that up. I am so proud of you for finishing the dang thing. I certainly would have given up after try one!

  3. So Stylin! The jacket isn't just green, it's adorable.

  4. Britta...I would love to see an upclose picture of the jacket. Can't really tell what it looks like even though it looks super darling. PS....this is Danielle Clayton (married to Marks cousin Paul)