Pretty much, I just want to say, "I love making things!" I usually don't succeed, and then I am disappointed... but still... I get a certain kind of joy that is difficult to explain when I have made something that I like, it is different than when you buy something you like. The fun is in the process... in making some really not-so-great stuff, and then finally triumphing.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

mass producing...

So, I've been busy as a bee trying to use up old material to put in my etsy shop! Here are some of the fruits.

More bracelets with resin beads, some of which were embedded with hand painted lace, among other things like fabric roses. Each is hand stitched to leather... which can be difficult... I actually punctured my index finger with the dull end of a needle with one of them. ouch.

Some leather and vintage inspired fabric bands I may leave plain... or I don't know... any suggestions?

And some earrings. One pair is like a button sandwich- I flipped one over so you could take a peak. Another is resin embedded with hand painted red lace... the others are pictures, and embedded roses... My favorite are the bright red ones... They dangle from a rustic, thicker chain, which gives them an awesome super-feminine/army-girl or tom boy flare. It's been raining cats and dogs here, so I've been wearing a lot of olive green (rain coat and galoshes...) anyway- they offer THE perfect splash, and hang just below my bobbed hair. PERFECT. (See picture below.)

This is actually an atrocious picture... but oh well. Don't fret or judge me because of my nasty hair. I'm considering going super blond soon... ti's the season.
I think my next project will be adorable placemats and napkins. Isn't it classy and earth friendly to have cloth napkins you ACTUALLY use????


  1. I love all of them Britta. I hope your etsy shop takes off and is a real success for you! Because how cool is that you can work from home and do something you love to make a little extra moolah?!

  2. Britta darling, you INSPIRE me! Seriously. You are amazing! It reminds me of all our funny and awesome creations in Bout de l'ile. I miss you ducky!

  3. I love all of them! You crafty little devil. I think it's so great you opened an etsy shop! Thanks for your sweet comments! I've learned to sew here and there (mostly blankets) but I got a sewing machine for Christmas. I got a cute skirt pattern from Vogue (through McCall's and Butterwick) and the first one turned out atrocious! That newest thing I copied was actually taken from someone who made the rollups for crayons. All of the supplies to make 9 of them for Activity Days was only $15! So less than $2 each, what a steal! You should definitely try, they are super easy! I love that we can steal ideas off each other and other people!

  4. So cute and classy. Can't wait to see your napkins and holders.